L3, Analysis, operations and sales in China

Positioning, listing and sales

between China and Europe for global brands.

Project management and operations

to enter and grow in the Chinese or European market, find the right distribution channels and partners.

Digital and innovation

E-commerce, cross-border, logistics, marketing in EU and China.

L3LS - Life Science

The promotion of scientific researches and products in China is complex and needs a detailed action plan and an adequate budget to succeed. The divulgation of scientific activities is a marketing tool to strengthen the business development on the products side. Doctors and other professionals are the core target of every Life Science project promoted in China.

L3OS - Food & Beverage

L3OS is an integrated service for product promotion and management of activities in China. L3OS aims to simplify and reduce the costs related to entering in the Chinese market and developing commercial activities starting from partnerships with local distributors.