L3OS Integrated services for the F&B market

L3 Operations System is an integrated service for product promotion and management of activities in China. L3OS aims to simplify and reduce the costs related to entering in the Chinese market and developing commercial activities starting from partnerships with local distributors. L3 intends to manage directly, on behalf and after approval from the Client, the research of distributors, the sales, importing the products, the warehouse, the local delivery and all related activities to sell in China. The Client therefore achieves concrete results while dedicating less internal energies in terms of time, economics resources and staff than if it managed and developed the activities in China by itself.

L3 strengths

L3OS si basa su:

  •  un attivo database di distributori cinesi con i quali L3 è in contatto;
  • un network di fornitori di servizi (importazione, logistica…) suddivisi per specializzazioni e gruppi di città (che costituiscono i principali centri distributivi in Cina).

01/Database distributors- suppliers

An active database of Chinese distributors with which L3 is constantly in touch. A network of service suppliers (import, logistics, ...) divided by specialization and cityclusters (those which are the main distribution centres in China).

02/ Solid experience

L3’s team has a long-time experience in managing international projects in China, in particular in the F&B market

03/ Local Chinese branch

L3 is based in China and in Europe with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Milan and Florence. This makes possible a direct connection with actors involved in the project in both areas and also quick and customized solutions to issues that arise in China.

Workflow Stages

The beginning of the activities defined in this proposal is preceded by a free-of-charge evaluation of the Client’s brand and product portfolio, assessing the potential for success in China. L3OS is divided in Stages, each aimed at solving specific issues related to the preparation, importation and distribution of the prduct in China.

A – Adapting product and communication
B – Suppliers’ activation – import and logistics
C – Distributors’ activation
D – Continuous management of distributors and suppliers


Adapting the product means preparing it to be suitable and attractive in the eyes of Chinese consumers. Moreover, it is fundamental to select and eventually re-evaluate the marketing and communication tools of the Client when matched with the requirements to work in the Chinese market.


Selection of the products to sell in China. Adaptation of promotional material and technical files. Revision of packaging and labels. Realization of dedicated documents and contents for distributors, media, consumers, .


L3 will activate the Chinese suppliers for logistics (warehousing, delivery) and import (licences, custom clearance) most suitable for the future collaboration with the Client.

Principali attività

Valutazione e selezione di fornitori locali specializzati. Negoziazione fino alla firma dell’accordo con i fornitori selezionati. Accompagnamento del cliente per la realizzazione della documentazione necessaria all’importazione e sdoganamento. Accompagnamento del cliente per la realizzazione della documentazione necessaria alla vendita offline/online.


L3 will accompany the client to sign an agreement with one or more Chinese distributors.


Definition of the distribution strategy: number of distributors, geographical areas, exclusive agreements, payment terms, etc. Selection of the distributors from the database. Activation meeting with the identified distributors. Negotiation till the agreement is signed with the distributors.


L3 will act as Temporary Manager to manage directly the activities n China.


Continuous activation of new distributors. Receive the orders from the distributors to the Client. Local management of the suppliers for import, custom clearance, warehouse and delivery. Management of flawed goods and corresponding re-delivery or disposal. Reports regarding the management of each activity.