L3OS Life Science

The promotion of scientific research and products in China is complex and needs a detailed action plan and an adequate budget to succeed. The divulgation of scientific activities is a marketing tool to strengthen the business development on the products side. The start up of a lean and well organized company in China is a requirement to attract scientific partners and investors.

Market size and barriers

The process is not fast due to the special characteristics of this industry and the protection of the Chinese market:

  • 1/Start up: the start up of a new company (consulting/training/research) in China is not time consuming or expensive but it is a necessary step to manage direclty the operations.
  • 2/Scientific research: Chinese institutions, hospitals and scientific associations are interested in setting up joint projects, but the decisional process and timing takes on average one year to take effect from the first promotion actions;
  • 3/Products: local production, certifications, packaging, marketing and communication. Preparing these steps in a very professional way is extremely important for the Business development;
  • 4/Business development: set up a distribution chain, control it and activate promotion activities.

A/Company setup and management

  • 1.Business strategy
  • 2.Budget
  • 3.Organizational chart
  • 4.Start-up (legal)
  • 5.Accounting
  • 6.Intellectual property protection
  • 7.Communication
  • 8.Investors research

B/Scientific divulgation

  • 1.Workshops
  • 2.Congresses
  • 3.Joint researches
  • 4.International research centres set-up

C/Products preparation

  • 1.Production issues
  • 2.SFDA registration process
  • 3.Packaging
  • 4.Marketing and communication

D/Business development

  • 1.Distribution chain development
  • 2.Distribution chain control
  • 3.New marketing campaign for business development
  • 4.Management control and improvement

Step A - Company set up and management.

Taking care of the company set up and management is the most important requirement to develop the business in the right way. Especially in a company that operates in a very professional field and with a complex business strategy, budget and organization must be realized accurately.

A1/Business strategy + budget + organizational chart

Output – Strategy of the company as a whole and planning of the project’s business development.

  • 1.Value proposition of the company: value to the customers, problem solved for the customers, services and products offered.
  • 2.Customer segments: for scientific research divulgation and for products sales.
  • 3.Key partners and cooperation model: which kind of partners the project needs and how to set up a good cooperation model with them.
  • 4.Channels: to reach the partners, to reach the customers, to achieve the goals.
  • 5.Resources: distribution channels, scientific research channels.
  • 6.Budget with cost structure and revenue stream: two potential scenarios for each branch of activities.
  • 7.Organizational chart of the company based on the strategy and budget.

A2/Start up of the company + accounting + intellectual property + communication


  • 1.Legal services and set up of the company: Best legal scenario evaluation, Association of Article, procedures and legal evaluation.
  • 2.Accounting system set-up.
  • 3.Intellectual property protection study and realization.
  • 4.Communication set up: brand identity with logo, brand story, website, brochure and company presentation.

A3/Investors research

Output: Documents to use and present during meetings with investors

  • 1.Realization of documents for the presentation of the project to the investors.
  • 2.Database realization of potential investors (minimum 50 investors).
  • 3.Meetings schedule and participation to present the investment project..
  • 4.Activation of investors..

Step B - Scientific research divulgation.

In order to better prepare and support the business development of the company, it will prove most effective the strategy that includes:

  • 1.Establishing partnerships in the health sector.
  • 2.Organizing workshops and congresses.
  • 3.Working closely with Sino-international centres inside hospitals.

B1/Workshops, congresses, joint researches.

Output – The activities will include:

  • 1.Database of potential Chinese institutions, scientific organizations and hospitals to engage.
  • 2.Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with at least 3 Chinese hospitals interested in testing the products and in being involved in the research.
  • 3.Accompany representatives of the Chinese hospitals which signed the MOU to visit the international research centre in …
  • 4.After 6 months from the signature of the MOU, schedule a workshop to be held at one of the Chinese hospitals to assess the results achieved so far. A second workshop will be scheduled and organized if, by then, both parties agree to it.
  • 5.Organization of a first international workshop.
  • 6.Organization of one international congress each year in China.
  • 7.Support the exchange of relationships between Chinese and foreign doctors..
  • 8.Promote publications on relevant Chinese scientific media.

B2/International centres for research, treatments and training.


  • 1.Set up in two Chinese hospitals of two centres for research, treatments and training.
  • 2.Coordinate the creation of a team to start research activities (identifying objectives, deadlines and investments) to involve the research centres in the Chinese hospitals.
  • 3.Write the action plan for each centre
  • 4.Support the international management of the centres to carry on the activities.
  • 5.Facilitate the client’s delegations in China.

Step C - Products preparation

To strengthen the value of the scientific research in China is the strongest way to promote products in this sector.

  • 1.Production location.
  • 2.Regulation and registration problems.
  • 3.Packaging, communication and marketing.

C1/Production and regulations

Output – The activities will include:

  • 1.Import vs local production feasibility study.
  • 2.Database of possible producers in China.
  • 3.Producers activation.
  • 4.State Food and DrugsAdministration (SFDA) issues’ study and evaluation.
  • 5.Registration SFDAcompany (outsourcing) activation.
  • 6.Legal protection activation.

C2/Packaging, communication and marketing

Output – The activities will include:

  • 1.General communication study and realization (managed in outsourcing).
  • 2.Packaging study and realization (managed in outsourcing)..
  • 3.Marketing strategy plan.
  • 4.Marketing strategy continuity (scientific research divulgation).

Step D - Business Development

  • 1.Distribution chain.
  • 2.New investors activation.
  • 3.Marketing campaign.
  • 3.Continuous management control and improvement.

D1/Distribution development and promotion

Output – The activities will include:

  • 1.Set-up and development of a distribution chain with one or more partners.
  • 2.Cooperation model set up and activation.
  • 3.Distribution chain supervision.
  • 4.New marketing campaign realization and activation.
  • 5.Management control and business improvement.